In summer 2018 we are running a series of Masterclasses, where we invite a practitioner at the top of their game to teach a five day class on their specialism.  As always, there is a furniture theme, though the skills they are teaching are not just used on furniture.  Choose from Carving, Gilding, Marquetry, Modern Upholstery, Traditional Stitched Edge Upholstery, and Boxmaking with Dovetails.  For more details and booking, take a look here.


This is a core subject of The School of Stuff.  We teach traditional and modern upholstery and we offer a range of upholstery courses to suit different needs, from a two year course in traditional upholstery techniques for career changers to our project based twelve week evening classes for people who are doing upholstery for fun.  We run occasional five day intensive courses, weekend taster courses for beginners, and a one year one day a week course in modern techniques which is geared towards those wanting to set up in business.  So something for everyone.


Furniture Restoration & Recycling

This is another core School of Stuff subject.  We run a one year, one day a week, Furniture Restoration course, which will teach you the basic skills to set up in business as a furniture restorer.  We'll show you how to do things properly, including some tricks of the trade.  Email for a course outline This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

And there's a regular 12 week evening class in furniture restoration on Thursday nights. We are interpreting the subject broadly, to include remaking, reconfiguring and revamping furniture.  You will learning whatever skills you need to complete a project.

We usually run a five day intensive furniture restoration course in the summer.

And from time to time we will do Deconstruct/Reconstruct weekends, where we will take bits and pieces and reconfigure them into new forms.


Cabinet Making

Cabinet making is another core subject.  Cabinet making doesn't necessarily mean making cabinets. It means the kind of skilled and accurate woodworking that you need to make furniture. We have two 12 week cabinetmaking evening classes.  Thursday evening: Basic Skills for beginners.  Wednesday evening:  Intermediate Skills for improvers. We also run intensive five day sessions from time to time.


Chair caning

Re-cane a chair using a centuries old technique of weaving split bamboo cane.  Weekend session. Read more...



Chair rushing

Learn how to make a traditional rustic seat from wetland rushes over a weekend, using an ancient but easy to learn skill. Read more...



Other crafts

From time to time we run weekend workshops on a range of craft techniques, such as quilting, printmaking, rag rug making, paint finishes for furniture, and so on. Some are for adults, and some are suitable for families.  If we have anything coming up you will find it here, in the weekend workshop section. If there is anything you would like to learn, get in touch, and we will see if we can make it happen.