Furniture Restoration & Recycling

This is another core School of Stuff subject.  We run a one year, one day a week, Furniture Restoration course, which will teach you the basic skills to set up in business as a furniture restorer.  We'll show you how to do things properly, including some tricks of the trade.  Email for a course outline This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

And there's a regular 12 week evening class in furniture restoration on Thursday nights. We are interpreting the subject broadly, to include remaking, reconfiguring and revamping furniture.  You will learning whatever skills you need to complete a project.

We usually run a five day intensive furniture restoration course in the summer.

And from time to time we will do Deconstruct/Reconstruct weekends, where we will take bits and pieces and reconfigure them into new forms.

Furniture Restoration One Year Course for Career Changers

Teaching covers dismantling and reassembling chairs, reconstructing furniture joints, basic woodworking techniques, repairing losses, staining, polishing and colour matching, and working with veneers, and you will work on real antiques, supplied by you or us. Teaching is on Wednesdays, in three 12 week terms, roughly following local schools. Book here.

Furniture Restore/Remake evening class

Project based evening class, taught on Mondays, 6.30 to 9.30pm for 12 weeks.  You can either learn traditional restoration skills, or you can revamp, update or recycle a piece of furniture in this session, depending on what kind of project you choose.  Either way we think it will be an exciting session and you will come away with something glorious. Book here for the next session.


Occasional weekend session in which with our help you will reconfigure old furniture components into new forms, which might be functional, but could equally be sculptural. Chairs can become shelves, tables can become coat hooks (maybe), or artworks or simply conversation pieces.  Your flair for design will be used to the full here, and we will help with ideas and expertise and tuition in the skills you need to realise your project. If we've got one coming up you will find it here.

Five day intensive project based furniture restoration class

Bring a piece of old, damaged, worn furniture and we will teach you the skills to make it beautiful again. Dates and booking here.