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Our Summer Masterclasses are now on the website and bookable, July and September. We have managed to attract some top class practitioners and the courses will be pretty special. Have a look here.

Studio Saturday: 19 May 2018. A one day session where you can bring whatever you want furniture-wise and use our expertise, materials and tools to restore it, reupholster it, refinish it, reconfigure it, or turn it into firewood - whatever you like. This is a taught class. Book here. 10.00am to 5.00pm £85. If you can't do this one there is another on 16th June.

Open Workshop 02 June 2018: come and use bench space and tools and do whatever you like. 10.00 to 5.00pm £35 for the day. There is technical help on hand but no teaching. We assume you know what you are doing! Book here.
Upholstery Taster Weekend: 7/8 July 2018  Two day introduction to traditional upholstery, its techniques, materials and history. The project for the weekend is a drop in seat.  Book here.
Gifts: you can buy someone a course and we offer School of Stuff gift vouchers in any denomination you like. Have a look here. We are also offering a top quality upholstery toolkit, which is ideal for beginners but good enough for a professional, and will last a lifetime. Have a look here.
Courses for career changers: We run training courses for career changers and for serious hobbyists who want to challenge themselves - one day a week for a year or two years. The next intake is September 2018. Email us for details of Furniture Restoration (1 year), Traditional Upholstery (2 years), and Modern Upholstery Techniques (1 year): Or there is more information here.


Longer term I will look for someone down here to do an overhaul of the site, but in the meantime, can we make some changes? I've been going through the website with a colleague and there are a number of things that need addressing now. First there are the things we have already discussed:


Backgrounds: the changes on the mock-up are good. Please go ahead. In addition can we change the background on some of the pages with the images attached? I think it should be clear what goes where.


Social media buttons. As discussed already, they should not be in circles and should be their own logos in their own colours. We need instagram as well as fb and twitter. I think they should go under the image on the home page, in a row, centred in that column. And also on the Contacts page, instead of this ' Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter'.


Next are the things I think we should prioritise:



When people register for courses, we need Joomla to send an automatic email confirming their registration to the course they have chosen. I thought this already happened, but testing it, there is no confirmation at all, even if they have paid. This is essential. Can it be done? 


i.e. "Thank you for registering for Studio Saturday on 29th October 2016. We will be in touch with details of how to get here, what to bring and so on, in due course. If you have already made payment - thank you! If not, please get in touch to discuss payment options."


We need this as soon as possible, as we are getting quite a few people who book and then never pay. Now I know why.



Can we remove the Links section on the blog page



Can you add a cookies disclaimer in the footer?


Next are things that need doing soon but not immediately


New pages

We'd like to add a few new pages: Testimonials, The Team and In The News (for Press).  I'll let you have words and images for these.


Secondary menu

We'd like to add a secondary menu, ideally at the bottom of the website with the following pages: 

FAQ, Meet The Team, In The News, Testimonials



Can we add a picture below each course category on the courses page. I'll send you images as soon as I've sorted them out.



Can we tidy up the slugs so the courses page becomes: etc


Booking Form

Ditch Mobile and Home Phone, and replace with just Phone. Make sure line spacing is even.


And these are the things we are thinking about for the future


So far, just:

Shop page: A page with upholstery supplies where people are able to buy items directly through the site. 


And the above mentioned overhaul.

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The School of Stuff teaches furniture related crafts. Our core subjects are upholstery, cabinet making and furniture restoration. All demand skill and creativity - which we know you have!  We run year long, one day a week courses for career changers, five day intensive courses, twelve week evening classes and one-off days and weekends.   We are adding classes all the time, but here is our current list.